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David's VRML Stuff
featuring VRML version size
MaTh ZoOA dive into a weird universe, haunted by strange shaped objects
Mathematical surfaces built with Eurêka 2.12
orientation interpolators, coord interpolators, sounds from 2Kb up to 500 Kb with sounds
Material chooser (VRML 2.0 materials converted from the SGI's Open Inventor material examples). 
Textures are great but simple materials can be great too ...
455 materials to choose from. 
with extern protos
~13 Kb : wrl 
~23 Kb : html
ARGO logo (built for the Annelies Braffort's ARGO system demo) orientation interpolators
VRML 1.0 version built for Webscape
22 Kb
Platonic Solids from Ocnus (don't seem to be there anymore, so here they are !) : 
cuboctahedron simple platonic solids (actually, only the three first ones are real platonic solids) 1 Kb
dodecahedron 1 Kb
icosahedron 1 Kb
rhombicuboctahedron 2 Kb
snub_cube 2 Kb
VRML 2.0 experiments on various features : 
     Colors Color interpolator 1 Kb
          Single white light
          Three colored lights
Light direction bounded to a sphere sensor 2 & 4 Kb
     Extrusion along a trigonometric path extrusion geometry node 10 & 7 Kb
     Little demo with touch sensors touch sensors, various interpolators 4 Kb
Earth's songEarth experiments : 
Texture mapping in VRML 1.0
Earth-Moon system with stars in VRML 2.0
touch sensors, interpolators, sounds, orbiter proto 15 & 107 Kb 
+ 232 Kb (sounds)
Buttons experiment : a kind of CD player buttons set (includes the proto for pushed / unpushed buttons).
Here are the buttons used by the proto :
Play button pushed unpushed toggle
Stop button pushed unpushed toggle
Next / Previous button pushed unpushed toggle
FF / Rewind button pushed unpushed toggle
touch sensors, protos, sounds
demo : 21 Kb 
sound : 689 Kb

each button : ~1Kb
Venus Experminents
points lines faces shaded flat smooth
Various looks on the same data points from 7Kb up to 20Kb
Experiments on Bezier patches radial sets.
showing surfaces, convex hull, and control points on each triangular patch.
Bezier patches (with C0 continuity between patches)
Gregory patches (with a pseudo-G1 continuity between patches)
head's up display 148 Kb each
Experiments with Dr Craig SayersVRMLplot, which allow to convert Matlab graphics to VRML2.0. a lot ...
just take a look at the script, and you'll get a headache !
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